Mumbai Crime: Two bookies spike woman’s birthday cake, rape her and flee

Cops trace men to Ahmedabad and find that the accused have a history of luring young girls by promising them job offers and then raping them

Two big-time bookies are on the run after raping a 24-year-old aspiring photographer with a spiked cake at a birthday party in February. The accused, who have been identified by the Mira Road police as Darshan Trivedi and another man, known just by what is seemingly an alias – Dadhi – had told the girl they’ll introduce her to advertising industry bigwigs if she came to the party.

According to the police, the victim, who hails from Pune, had come to Mumbai to learn photography and had found accommodation in Mira Road. She met the men in December last year when she had gone to the airport to drop off some relatives.

The woman struck up an acquaintance with the duo and they told her that they had good contacts in the advertising industry and that they could land her a desired project.

Sedative-laced cake
Trusting the duo, the woman gave her contact number to them and began communicating with the two. They contacted her in February to invite her to a birthday party, promising to introduce her to biggies from the advertising world if she came.

Unbeknownst of their intentions, she attended the party, where she was given a cake laced with sedatives.

Once she was unconscious, the two took turns raping her. When she woke up, she found herself alone in the room with a Rs 500 note below her pillow.

She then registered an FIR and the cops traced down the men’s addresses in Ahmedabad based on their mobile numbers.

Traced to Ahmedabad
The police then made their way to the accused’s home in Ahmedabad, which was a plush bungalow with a slew of high-end vehicles parked in the compound. The cops then found out that the men were known bookies and have a history of duping several women in the same way they duped the aspiring photographer. Senior inspector S Sanap of Mira Road police station said, “The accused have been identified and will be nabbed soon. Their modus operandi is to lure young girls on the pretext of giving them a decent job and then raping them.”

Source: Mid-Day

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