Mumbai: A doctor has been feeding 500 old needy people daily for a decade

Here is the story of a gracious Mumbai doctor who is feeding 500 old needy people on a daily basis in the city’s Mira-Bhayanadar area absolutely free of cost…

Children’s abandoning their aged parents is a heart-wrenching story of today’s time. There are thousands of elderly people in India who are in dire need of food, shelter, and living. Such elderly people, who fight for survival, end up spending rest of their lives in old age homes. However, everybody is not as ignorant towards these old citizens as their children are. One such citizen is a Mumbai based doctor, who extended his helping hands towards this section of our society.

Dr. Uday Modi, a resident of Bhayandar, Mumbai, arrived as an angel in disguise to such old people. As reported in NDTV, Dr. Modi feeds 500 helpless senior citizens on a daily basis free of cost.

The gracious idea emerged in Dr. Modi’s mind when an old poor couple came to him for treatment. The doctor said that the needy couple did not even have Rs. 10 to buy a vada pav. They were not only in dire need of treatment, but also food. It was then when he decided to start feeding the helpless old people of the society every day for nothing in return.

Dr. Modi’s tiffin service named Sharavan Tiffin Service started on a small scale with only 11 tiffins prepared in his house. Today it expanded up to 200 such tiffins catering to the needy abandoned elderly people of Mumbai’s Mira-Bhayanadar area.

The food is prepared in his house in two separate kitchens with the aid of two cooks. The doctor ensures that food for diabetics is prepared in a separate kitchen. The doctor reportedly said that he has two tempo and four dealer vans in place to deliver the ‘dabbas’ to the respective localities. The daily tiffin usually contains 6 chappatis, a curry, dal and rice. On Sundays, a home-made dessert and farsan are added.

Almost Rs. 3 lakh is spent every month for feeding the old poor citizens. He receives lots of help and support from people and is sure that his service will go on. He even wishes to reach out to more such people and provide them a helping hand. The doctor was quoted saying that in a city where people come to achieve big dreams, he wants to build a ‘Dikra nu ghar’ for these old people – a home, like their own son’s place where everything is taken care of, including food.

Dr. Modi is from Amreli, Gujarat, who moved to Mumbai to practice alternative medicine. Dr. Uday Modi and his family’s service is praiseworthy and an eye-opener for many.

Source: Times Of India

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