Mumbai: Mira Road man refuses to push daughter into flesh trade; gets killed by pimp

40-year-old fruit seller from Mira Road, who was shot dead at his residence a fortnight ago, was trying to save his infant daughter from being pushed into the flesh trade

Police have solved the murder of a 40-year-old fruit seller from Mira Road, who was shot dead by unknown assailants at his residence nearly a fortnight ago.

According to The Times of India, the victim Shyam Ghod, was murdered by 35-year-old Sunil Rajak, a Shanti Nagar resident, who runs a flesh trade business. Police sources say that Rajak forced Ghod to push his infant daughter into flesh trade in an effort to make him pay back Rs 5 lakh in valuables, which he had entrusted Ghod for safekeeping. Rajak decided to plot the murder after Ghod refused his proposal.

Police learnt during their investigations that Rajak had allegedly given a Rs 5-lakh contract to kill Shyam. He was named to cops by the deceased’s wife, who allegedly had an affair with the accused. Sunil Rajak was interrogated by police officers but refused to accept his role in the crime.

The alleged contract killers were then traced to Jharkhand by cops, who located them using mobile phone data records. They spilled the beans on Sunil Rajak after that.

During questioning police found that in 2012, Sunil Rajak was arrested for allegedly murdering his wife. He then gave the deceased Shyam Ghod’s wife Sangeeta cash and jewellery amounting to Rs 5.23 lakh for safekeeping.

Rajak was acquitted after serving 17 months in jail, when his son turned hostile in court. He then asked the Ghods to return the valuables, which they refused. On their refusal, Rajak then asked that they send their 17-year-old daughter into prostitution, which was also turned down.

Enraged, he contacted one of the accused in his wife’s murder — Rajesh Ravidas (24) from Jharkhand, who then roped in accomplices Sudeep Ravidas (23), Ashish Bhuia (19), Babloo Ravidas (19) and Umesh Ravidas (23). All the accused including Sunil Rajak have been arrested and booked for murder under the Arms Act.

Police sources say they were apparently paid Rs 3 lakh as advance by Rajak.

After buying a revolver for Rs 1,500 Ashish and Babloo then reached Mira Road by train on March 23, while Rajesh and Sudeep reached Mumbai by air on March 27. The culprits then rented a house in Nalasopara (E) after purchasing a second-hand bike for Rs 22,000.

The group reached Ghod’s residence in Mira Road on April 4, and identified him with the help of Rajak, who took Ghod for a drink. On April 6, Umesh and Sudeep reached Shyam’s house on the bike and rang the doorbell, and shot him when he opened the door and fled the spot. They sold the bike and handed over the revolver to Sunil before leaving for Jharkhand.

Rs 1.5 lakh of the contract money has been recovered by the police.

Source: Times Of India

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