After 10 days at Virar dog care centre, German Shepherd Heiley bleeds to death

Eight-year-old German Shepherd’s owner had left her at the Virar centre before leaving for a family marriage at Lucknow

The owner of an eight-year-old German Shepherd ‘Heiley’ was shocked to death when he saw the dog bleeding from her private parts on Saturday. Not being able to convince a veterinary doctor of a Vasai hospital to visit his home in Bandra to check her, Ryan Rodrics decided to take her to the hospital the following morning. Unfortunately, she died on the way. Though her death still remains a mystery, Rodrics feels that his decision to leave ‘Heiley’ at the care of a local kennel, while he was away with his family for a wedding in Lucknow, was a wrong one.

Rodrics stays with his wife and son in Bandra, while his parents live with his brother at Evershine Society in Vasai. Before leaving for Lucknow, Rodrics decided to keep the dog with a woman identified as Shonali Wagde, who runs a dog care centre in Virar. Wagde charged him Rs 3,000 for 10 days.

Badly injured
Speaking to mid-day, Rodrics said, “Heiley was absolutely fine and in good health when I left her at the kennel. However, after I got her back last Saturday, I found injuries in her private parts, from where she was bleeding. She even had maggots all over her body. When I called up Wagde, she pretended to not know anything.”

No medical care
He further said, “What was more unfortunate is that the veterinary doctor we approached refused to visit our house to check her. Even after I told him that Heiley was in a critical condition and requested him several times, he did not turn up. I want justice for my dog.”


Source: Mid-Day

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