Mumbai: 7 grazing water buffaloes crushed under mail train

At least seven water buffalos were killed on Tuesday afternoon after the Jaipur-Bandra mail train, en route to Bandra, crashed into the cattle walking near the Virar station railway tracks. Following the incident, while engine damage led to the mail train being delayed by three hours, even the local trains’ schedule was hampered by 15-20 minutes till the tracks were cleared up.

According to the RPF, “The incident occurred at around 1.30 pm when the cattle, which had been feeding near the railway yard about a kilometre from Virar station, suddenly came on to the tracks near the Narangi Fatak. Incidentally, the commuters spotted the dead buffalo crushed under the train when it pulled in at the station.

Thereafter, the local and long distance trains were diverted from platform 5 to platform 4.”

Source: Mid-Day

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