Virar family discovers the eggs they purchased are plastic!

A Virar family discovers that their stock of eggs is not from chicken, but instead a plastic substitute

The Mingle family was only looking for a sunny side up to their morning; instead they ended up eating crow. The Virar-based family had purchased six eggs from their local supplier, Gemini Egg and Chicken Centre and it was only after Maya attempted to cook it that she discovered what it truly was. “When I tried to break the shell, it was unusually hard and I had to hit several times to break it.

Once the shell was broken, the yolk and white spread like some liquid and an extremely unusual smell emanated from it. I had directly opened the egg on the frying pan, but when I tried to remove it, the liquid had stuck there. I had to scratch off the whole fry pan to remove it,” said Maya.

She then told her husband Mandar who immediately took them back, “We went to the shop that had sold us the eggs and returned it. We also informed him that they looked like plastic eggs which seriously damage the health of his customers.”

Meanwhile, Gemini shop owner Rafik Shaikh said, “This is the first complaint of this kind. We have been in the business for several years, and we generally purchase the eggs in wholesale from dealers who buy them directly from local adivasis. I don’t think such an allegation could be true.”


Source: Mid-Day

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