This Hungarian Woman Cleans Beaches To Do Her Bit For A ‘Swachh Bharat’

MUMBAI: Every Sunday, Zsuzsanna Ferrao, a Hungarian woman, trods up to the Rangaon beach near Vasai in adjoining Palghar district and goes about cleaning it. Giving her company in the beach cleanliness drive are her husband and Vasai resident Lisbon, with three-year-old son Lucius and 19-month-old daughter Nascha.

Ms Zsuzsanna considers India as her own country and believe everyone should make every effort to keep it clean.

“Hungary doesn’t have beaches but it has many rivers and lakes. I have been living in India for the last four years and feel people should keep the beaches clean”, Ms Zsuzsanna said.

“Some days, it is very difficult. The beach is full of rubbish. I wanted to find a clean place on the beach where my children could play,” news agency PTI quoted her saying.

“We want to teach our children to look after our surroundings and care for environment. They have learnt not to litter on road and not to throw rubbish around,” she added.

Her husband Lisbon Ferrao says he is a firm believer in Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

“Zsuzsanna found that the Rangaon beach is full of discarded footwear, liquor bottles, syringes, and other garbage,” Mr Lisbon, a businessman, said.

He married Ms Zsuzsanna in 2013 and they have been living in Vasai ever since.

“My wife is a nature-lover and so visits the beach at least once a week,” he said.

“She has taught our children not to litter and the importance of keeping our environment clean,” he added.

“She is oblivious to people staring or giggling at her as they pass by watching her pick slippers, whiskey bottles, plastics, medicines bottles on the beach,” he said.

Rajesh Gharat, a resident of Rangaon, said “It is laudable that a foreigner is so concerned about cleaning of our beaches. I have seen her collecting garbage and taking it in her car, to be dumped in the nearby dustbin.”

Mr Gharat informed that, “Her husband uses the storage compartment of his two-wheeler to collect bottles dumped on the beach”.


Source: NDTV

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