Baahubali writer Vijayendra Prasad reveals WHY he would NEVER write Mahabharata for celluloid!

He thinks it’s an impossible job to put so many characters in a 2 hour film…

Baahubali has released and become the biggest Indian film across decades. The film has not only put India on the global map but has also joined the big billion brigade, which Indian films couldn’t manage to get through earlier.

The film has crossed Rs 1000 crore at the global box office. Ask him about it and he shyly says, “Thank you. What can anyone say? I am very happy.”

Today, Baahubali has broadened the horizons for an Indian mythological film and showed the world that folklore is possibly one of the most unexplored genres in Indian cinema. If done well, it would definitely bear great results. Just like the Baahubali franchise.

When you talk of Indian mythology and epics, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mahabharata. It will unfold brilliantly on screen, he admits. “Few years back when I saw Game of Thrones (American fantasy drama series) I loved those wonderful characters and the plots. And you see a greater story in Mahabharata; it is the mother of all great tales. There are so many lead characters in Mahabharata that you can’t write or talk about one single character. It is not one man centric.”

Will he ever write the screenplay for a film based on the epic? He nods negative, “It’s already being written. I am not writing it but I have heard that a film is being made on The Mahabharata. And it’s difficult to rewrite the Mahabharata. It’s an epic of a grand structure. Fitting all of it in a film would be difficult. Each character would need a story then,” he laughs.

Source: DNA

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