Justin Bieber’s India concert was a ‘total mess up’: Read SHOCKING details of what went wrong!

The Purpose Tour concert in Mumbai was a huge example of mismanagement…

Justin Bieber’s India visit was as short lived as ever. While the PR team had sent out a 4-day itinerary for the pop icon’s stay in the country, nothing of that sort has happened.

According to fresh reports, Justin has already left the country last night, after wrapping up his performance in Mumbai. And sources who attended the concert tell us that it was a heavily mismanaged event.

What people are tering as ‘a total mess up’, the event’s PR and management team didn’t do anything to ensure proper security to celebrities and even the crowd. Actors like Bipasha Basu had to leave the venue within 5 minutes because there wasn’t enough security to control the mad crowd.

There was no toiler or drinking water facilities available in the near vicinity which added to people’s woes. Not just that, a bottle of water was being sold for Rs 100!

Forget all that, the PR team apparently misbehaved with many journos and even abused some of the scribes. Although the journalists had reached the venue well before their stipulated time, no arrangements had been made and they were made to wait for another hour, only to be told that only select representatives will be allowed inside. Several media personnel from the country and even international platforms were turned away.

It just doesn’t end there. The PR team had supposedly sent out a list of things on Justin’s to-do list in India. Whereas, now Justin’s left without anyone having even a hint. It could well possibly be because of the hotch-potch that the whole PR and event management team did. Although Justin and his show was a huge hit, we can’t really say the same about the team handling the event.

Source: DNA

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