Move over Ranbir Kapoor, Baahubali star Prabhas rejected brand deals worth Rs 18 crore!

Ranbir had said no to a lucrative 9 crore deal. Prabhas rejected an offer double the amount…

Few weeks back, Ranbir Kapoor grabbed headlines for rejecting a fairness cream deal worth Rs 9 crore. This came in the context of the national debate about fairness creams that was sparked off after Abhay Deol targetted a few Bollywood A-listers for promoting fairness products.

Now, we hear Baahubali star Prabhas has beaten even Ranbir Kapoor in that league. He has apparently declined offers double his amount.

According to a HT report, “From apparel, shoes to fitness and FMCG products, brand makers across segments are keen on making him the face of their products. However, Prabhas doesn’t seem to be in mood to sign any of them, and he has reportedly declined a huge endorsement worth crores.”

The actor’s spokesperson confirmed the news, “Yes, Prabhas has been approached by several brands. Although he hasn’t agreed to any of them as of now, he has declined a whopping 18 crore worth of brand endorsement.”

Source: DNA

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