See Pictures: Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera’s kind gesture for THIS Justin Bieber fan will melt your heart!

Shera’s thoughtful gesture is truly one of a kind…

Thousands of Justin Bieber fans were enthralled at his India concert that took place at DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai on Wednesday but there was one die hard fan of the pop star whose experience became even more memorable by a kind gesture of Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera.

Mahek Dsouza, daughter of Ronnie Dsouza, who’s the owner of Chinese eatery Uncle’s Kitchen in Malad, is a crazy fan of Justin Beiber and hence Ronnie ensured that he got her a VVVIP seat at the concert. But what made the entire experience even more special was when Shera, who was in charge of Bieber’s security throughout his India visit, gave all the personalised Bieber souvenirs to Mahek, on learning about her craze for the pop sensation.

We spoke to Ronnie, who EXCLUSIVELY informed us, “Actually Shera is a very dear friend of mine and he got all this personal stuff from Justin Bieber since he was with him all the time. There’s a bag, a scapbook, a bedspread and other things. Since Shera knew that my daughter’s crazy about Bieber, so he passed it down to her. He gifted her all those things.”

Ronnie further added, “The most important thing is that Shera was kind enough to pass on those things to her because his son is also a crazy fan of Bieber and he’s doing an acting course in New York at the moment. In fact, he was supposed to fly down for the concert but Shera told him not to and concentrate on his work. And these things he would have loved to give to his son also but because of the way Shera is, he gave it to my daughter and didn’t keep it for his own son. And the kind human being that he is, this gesture was really significant. He could have given it to his son wo wanted to come for the concert, but he didn’t. That’s very thoughtful of him.”

Source: DNA

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