I survived only because of my mother’s love

The temple that I have built now is not just for my mom, I dedicate it to all mothers in the world,” begins an emotional director-actor Raghava Lawrence, who will be inaugurating the temple that he has built for his mother, Kanmani, today, in Poonamallee.

“I announced this decision of building a temple for my mother, two years ago, on a Mother’s Day. Now, I am happy to unveil the same, on this auspicious occasion. I took more than three years to complete it, as I wanted to make her statue look lively. I have also imported a marble statue of Goddess Gayathri Devi, which is kept in the temple,” says Lawrence.

Ask him about the idea of coming up with a temple for mother, and he says, “Many try to search for peace and God outside. They constantly search for it, and get depressed. Why search the outside world when there is God with us? The only reason we go to temples is in the belief that God will solve all our sorrows in life.

I am someone who believes that every mother in the world wishes the same for their kids, whatever or whoever they are. Obviously, they are God for all of us. There is nothing else in this world, equal to a mother’s love.

The actor says that he would have died long ago, if his mother hadn’t been with him. “I had a tumour when I was young, and did not have any hope that I would live for long. Only because of my mother’s love, I am alive now. So, why shouldn’t I build a temple for her?” he asks and adds, “Even recently, when I was shooting for Kanchana, I had to be admitted in the hospital for six months due to an injury in my neck. My mother took care of me with the same energy and love, like she did when I was young. All those memories came back to me as I was lying in the hospital, and I became emotional. She was taking care of me like a kid. That’s one of the moments, which triggered me to build this temple.”

The actor says that this initiative of his will at least inspire the minds of one or two people in this world to worship their mom. “Two years ago, I went to an orphanage in Madurai, where many women in my mother’s age hugged me and cried considering me as their own son. I was moved. That moment, I realised the pain inside them, and how every son/daughter must understand their parents. I believe that this temple will bring a change in the minds of the youngsters, and they will start loving their moms, even more.”

 However, on a lighter note, Lawrence says that he will keep fighting with his mom almost every day. “My mom is spiritual, and she always starves herself in the name of fasting. I don’t like it. I always fight with her for not taking care of her health, and say that God has nothing to do with starving.” He adds, “But she knows how much I love her. Whenever my film releases, she will be the first person to watch it with her friends and relatives. She will spend all day in theatres like my ardent fan, and enjoy every moment of this experience. And, she is always my first fan and critic, when it comes to films, and I take her advice seriously.”
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