Harbour line extension leaves Jogeshwari-bound commuters confused

The decision to skip Jogeshwari as a station for slow trains travelling to Borivali and beyond from Churchgate, due to the Harbour line construction there, is becoming a risky affair for commuters. The internal passenger information board and announcement inside slow trains continues to say that trains will halt at Jogeshwari, confusing the commuters.

Such an incident happened on Sunday when several commuters on a late night Borivali-bound local lined up at the exit because the train’s passenger system announced that it would halt at Jogeshwari. This basically happened because the guard’s announcement about the train not halting at Jogeshwari got drowned in the general din routine in Mumbai locals.

“The problem is that it is time-consuming to change the software of the internal passenger announcement system. Moreover, the schedule of a train is dynamic and it can switch between becoming a slow local or fast local several times in a day. The only solution is for the train’s guard to make loud and clear announcements about it right from Andheri,” said a railway official.

Work on laying two tracks on the western side of the station as part of Harbour line extension from Andheri to Goregaon has left Jogeshwari without a platform on the western side.

On April 23, as part of the Harbour line work, the entire platform on the western side was removed. On Sunday, the platform on the other side — number 2 — was also barricaded for safety reasons since heavy machinery and trucks would be frequenting the stretch.

What it means:

Jogeshwari is highlighting the need for railways to be dynamic in its approach to brownfield construction for the sake of commuter safety


Source: DNA

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