Mumbai: Neighbour rapes woman in the dark; she mistakes him for her husband

Woman files case against neighbour, stating that he raped her in the dark, while she mistook him for her husband

Not having the lights on at home literally left a 26-year-old in the dark about the fact that the man she was sleeping with was not her husband, but her neighbour. The woman has filed a rape case, alleging that when her neighbour snuck into her bed, she had assumed it was her husband, so she did not protest when he began touching her.

In her complaint to the police, the Powai resident said that the incident took place on Tuesday night, when she was alone at home. The accused, Vishwanath Kokin aka Vishnu (32), who lived just a few houses away, allegedly sneaked into her house and started molesting her and then went on to rape her. She did not protest as she mistook him for her husband in the dark.

Later, however, as the man started putting his clothes on, she switched on the lights and was shocked to see that he was her neighbour. The woman narrated the incident to her husband, who suggested that she lodge a police complaint.

An officer from Powai police station said, “The accused was booked under Section 376 (rape) of the IPC. Following the registration of an FIR, he was arrested on Wednesday and remanded in police custody. The accused has stated that he was framed by the complainant, with whom he had a past dispute. Investigations are ongoing.”



Source: Mid-Day

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