Mumbai: Man who assaulted, raped live-in partner denied bail

A 36-year-old man was refused bail last week by the sessions court for apparently physically assaulting and raping his live-in partner because she refused to get sexually intimate with him. Medical reports reveal that the woman has suffered injuries to her face, head and arm.

According to The Times of India, Even the police opposed the man’s bail plea stating that he is capable of endangering her life and could abscond. His claims that it didn’t amount of rape since the woman is her wife were not entertained by the court, who ruled that the FIR clearly stated that they were not married.

The court further rejected his plea on the grounds that the assaults have occurred on three earlier occasions during which grievous injuries were inflicted on the woman.

The woman, a divorcee with a 19-year-old son was living with the accused, who was also divorced. She lodged a complaint with the Agripada Police on December 5, 2016, claiming that the accused suddenly woke her up while she was sleeping and demanded sex while using filthy languages. She even accused him of attacking her private parts and hitting her with a wooden stick after slashing her arms and legs with a knife.

He forced her to administer oral sex on him and left the house after that.

The court had even rejected a previously sought bail plea by the accused on December 22.



Source: Mid-Day

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