Sushant Singh Rajput: What reason can I give myself to be arrogant?

Sushant responds to unremitting reports that suggest he has become too big for his boots

After a successful stint on television, Sushant Singh Rajput made a smooth transition to films with the 2013 hit Kai Po Che! A few films later, he entered the Rs 100-crore league with a fine performance in his last release, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, which was among the biggest hits of last year. Since then, whispers of Sushant’s high-handed behaviour, suggesting that success has gone into his head, refuse to die down.

He admits while most humans have the tendency to somewhat lose their mind following success, for him, nothing has changed. “I am a middle-class boy and didn’t find success easily. I had always been acknowledged for my performances, but with Dhoni (biopic), I tasted success at the box office as well. The film earned a lot of money, but everything didn’t come to my pocket,” he says with a laugh.

A lot may be written about his ‘arrogance’, but Sushant argues he doesn’t feel any change in him. “Now [post Dhoni’s success], if I am doing the same 10 things in my personal life that I did earlier, people will have problems with at least two of them. They will have a long discussion on my arrogance based on my body language or the way I speak to a journalist. But I am still the same person.”

The actor, who is gearing up for his next release, Raabta, also claims he doesn’t believe in chasing stardom and material growth. “When I was doing TV, I reached a point where I didn’t have to think about money. Even right now, I don’t think about it. You can take away all the money and glory, and I will still perform. In fact, I am willing to pay and perform. Fame and money cannot change me. I got myself a nice house and my dream car, but that doesn’t make me any different from the rest in the business. So I want to know what reason can I give myself to be arrogant?”


Source: Mid-Day

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