Results of 299 students from Mumbai could be held back by Maharashtra State Board

The Maharashtra State Board may hold back the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) results of 299 students from Mumbai who are studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM). The show cause notice has been sent to colleges for allowing students who have taken general Maths in the School Secondary Certificate (SSC) exams and then went forward to opt for mathematics during HSC. These students will get their HSC results only after they will re-appear for SSC- higher Maths paper in July.

According to State Board rules, students who chose general Maths – an easier version of Mathematics – in standards IX and X cannot opt for PCM in class XI and XII. The notice states that they will hold back HSC results of around 299 students from various colleges in Mumbai until they re-appear for Maths paper in SSC exams in July.

“There are 299 students who appeared for general maths as subject in their SSC exams but have opted for mathematics in HSC. Colleges should not have allowed such students to opt for mathematics. We are trying to come up with a better possible solution for the students,” said Dattatray Jagtap, Chairman, Mumbai Division, Maharashtra board.

These students are namely from 150 odd colleges across Mumbai. The officials agreed that they should ideally never have been given an option in HSC and they bungled at it. In 2011, The Maharashtra board introduced general mathematics as an option provided to class 9th and 10th students who are weak in Maths, as a subject.

However most of the students despite taking general maths in class 10th take maths subject in class 11th and 12th, following which, the state board has decided to scrap the option of general maths for class 9th and 10th from 2017-18.

Meanwhile, the Teachers’ union has appealed to the State Education Department to not withhold results of students. “This is not the students’ fault, the school must have guided them properly or college should have not allowed them to opt for this subject at the time of form filling. Moreover if students with general Maths background can cope up with class 11th and 12th Maths, then the board shouldn’t have any objection,” said Anil Bornare, member, State Teacher Association.



Source: Mid-Day

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