Nalasopara couple gets custody of son after years of struggle

Couple from Nalasopara wins custody of their baby boy, who taken away by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) owing to the girl being a minor at the time of delivery

This young Nalasopara couple has just breathed a huge sigh of relief, and understandably so. After battling a rape case and a pregnancy out of wedlock, just to be able to spend their lives with each other, their final fight — the custody of their infant son taken away by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) — seems to have come to an end; they have won.

The youths, in love with each other since their teens, had got married in Bandra family court on May 15. But the ultimate union had come after years of struggle with their respective families, mainly over the fact that the two belonged to different faiths.

After fighting all odds and coming together, they had been dealt another blow when their baby boy was sent to a government shelter home in Ulhasnagar.

The youth and father of the baby, Chand Shaikh (23), said, “We are very happy to have finally won the custody of our son from the CWC. Since getting married, both of us had been going to the CWC office daily, requesting authorities to give us our baby back. After documentation yesterday, they returned our boy to us.”

The girl, Ayesha, turned 18 this April. The two had eloped last June, after which her family had lodged a case of kidnapping against Chand, as she was still a minor then.

He had been arrested, then released, and the two separated and sent to different shelter homes. And amid all the strife had come the baby last December.


Source: Mid-Day

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