Searches At 3 Places In Delhi Over Kapil Mishra’s ‘Medical Scam’ Charges

Kapil Mishra alleged that medicines worth crores were bought on paper but they never made it to government pharmacies.

NEW DELHI: The Anti-Corruption Branch of the Delhi police has started investigating sacked minister Kapil Mishra’s allegations of a medical scam on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s watch.

Mr Mishra, who has been hurling allegations of corruptions almost daily at Chief Minister Kejriwal and other ministers, has alleged a 300-crore fraud in the purchase of medicines by the Health Department. He had complained to the Anti-Corruption Branch, which reports to the Union Home Ministry and has a history of acrimony with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government.

The allegations revolve around the Delhi government announcing free medicines at all its hospitals.

At a press conference, Mr Mishra said medicines worth crores were requisitioned but they never made it to government pharmacies and are lying unused in stores. Police teams are searching some of these storage areas.

Mr Kejriwal’s recent surprise visit to one of the hospitals allegedly revealed irregularities and the lack of medicines and even basic facilities.

The Chief Minister has recommended the sacking of the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital’s Medical Superintendent. Mr Mishra has alleged that the lack of medicines at the hospital reflect a larger scam in the procurement of the medicines.

Mr Mishra, who was Water Minister in the Delhi cabinet, was sacked earlier this month and later suspended by AAP as he launched a fierce attack on Mr Kejriwal, accusing him of corruption.

Yesterday, as Mr Mishra demanded a discussion in the Delhi Assembly on what he called various scams including the alleged medicine fraud, he was manhandled by AAP lawmakers and dragged out of the house by marshals.

Source: NDTV

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