Mumbai Crime: Peeping Tom held for clicking woman trying on swimsuit

This shopping trip was definitely not a therapeutic one. This writer from Uttar Pradesh got a man arrested a few days ago after catching him filming her while she was trying on a swimming costume in a Bandra (West) boutique. The accused has been identified as Movin Sarwalo, a businessman from Borivli.

The incident happened on June 2, when the woman was out shopping in Bandra. She visited the boutique and selected a swimming costume. While going into the changing room, she noticed Sarwalo watching her. Ignoring him, she went in, locked the door and was trying on the swimsuit, when she spotted a hand raising a cellphone from the top of the changing room partition.

She caught him red-handed and asked him if he was shooting a video of her. Visibly panicked by then, he denied any wrongdoing. She snatched the phone from him and found her photos in it. She then took him to the police.

“We registered an FIR under section 354C (any man who watches, or captures the image of a woman engaging in a private act in circumstances where she would usually have the expectation of not being observed) of the Indian Penal Code and arrested the culprit,” said an officer.

Sarwalo was produced in court, which sent him to judicial custody.

Source: Mid-Day
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