After killings of its nationals ‘preaching’ in Pakistan, China stresses its citizens must ‘observe local law’

NEW DELHI: Two days after Pakistan said the two Chinese nationals killed in Balochistan recently were Christian preachers, China on Wednesday stressed that its citizens must always “observe local laws” when traveling abroad.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said safeguarding Chinese nationals abroad is very important to Beijing, but he made sure to talk about the safety of citizens’ “lawful rights and interests” overseas. Missionary work is unlawful in Pakistan, which is an Islamic country.

“We always ask Chinese nationals traveling overseas to observe local laws and regulations, respect local customs and practices, and heighten awareness for potential risks,” said a statement on China’s foreign ministry website, attributed to spokesman Lu Kang.

Pakistan’s interior ministry said on Monday the two Chinese “were engaged in preaching under the garb of learning Urdu from a Korean national”.

Interior minister Chaudhry Nisar was quoted as saying on Monday that while foreigners’ security is certainly Islamabad’s responsibility, those who visit Pakistan “are equally bound to abide by the terms and conditions of their visas”, reported the Tribune.

China also said it will investigate with Pakistan whether its two citizens murdered by ISIS were indeed involved in missionary work.

Lu said China plans to work with Pakistan “to carry out investigation in accordance with law” on whether its two citizens “were engaged in evangelical activities” as Islamabad claimed.

China’s state media on Tuesday slammed South Korean Christian missionaries for causing the death of the young Chinese duo.

“This tragedy was more likely caused by the conflict between South Korean missionary agencies and local terrorists…The killings show the appalling atrocity of the terrorists. But the Chinese public is also strongly opposed to South Korean churches recruiting young Chinese people to preach in war-torn areas, exposing them to great dangers,” said an article in China’s state-run Global Times.

The killed duo were abducted last month in Quetta. Last week, ISIS said its members killed them.


Source: Times Of India

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