Bengaluru Cops Heroes For Allowing Ambulance Ahead Of President’s Convoy

The First Citizen usually does get right of way – but these traffic cops had their priorities right.

BENGALURU:  Traffic sub-inspector, ML Nijalingappa, has over 38 years of service behind him. And it certainly helped him take the right split-second decision last Saturday. He and traffic constable Vishwanath Rao were on duty at Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle as President Pranab Mukherjee’s convoy was approaching from the HAL airport. That’s when they saw an ambulance approaching from another road. Quick thinking was needed.

The First Citizen usually does get right of way – but these traffic cops had their priorities right.

“We could see that the pilot vehicle was just a few hundred metres away. We had to decide quickly. We let the ambulance through. And the VVIP convoy was not stopped either,” Mr Nijalingappa told NDTV.

“We had just a fraction of time to make the decision. But we decided in time,” Mr Rao added.

The usual procedure is to clear such things with higher officers. But there was no time for that on Saturday. But Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Praveen Sood, was far from offended.


“They kept us informed and took the right decision,” he told NDTV. “We have appreciated their work and we have sanctioned a cash award for them too. This will send a message to others in the force that it is alright to do this.”

On Twitter, one person pointed out that giving an ambulance priority over the movement of a politician’s convoy should be a “basic expectation.”


Another person pointed out it’s often not possible to give way for emergency vehicles due to Bengaluru’s bumper-to-bumper traffic:


Most online, however, applauded the traffic cop’s quick-thinking:


“Every Indian is a VIP,” noted one person, echoing Prime Minister Narendra Modi:


The President was in the city to launch the final phase of the Bengaluru Metro. And while that should be ease traffic to some extent, having people like these gentlemen looking after the traffic is a big plus as well.

Source: NDTV

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