This Indian woman wrote a heart-warming Facebook post praising Pakistan’s cricket team

NEW DELHI: Amid ugly pre-final gloating and post-final recriminations from both sides of the border on social media, over the Champions Trophy final, an Indian woman’s heartwarming Facebook message to Pakistan is going viral there for all the right reasons.

Archana Mohan began her Facebook message on Monday by thanking the Pakistan cricket team for its thumping win against India in the final of the cricket tournament

Mohan admitted she wanted to “bury myself in a hole and keep newspapers at bay” the morning after the match, so she didn’t have to read about it and thus relive it. But then she went on to say that Pakistan’s win was an “inspiration” for all sports fans and Pakistani bowler Mohammad Amir’s redemption was the stuff of legend.

“Irrespective of the result, I am sure, we will always remember this unbelievable comeback from the team that was expected to crash out in the first round itself,” Mohan wrote.

She then related how her mother-in-law “waxed eloquent” about Amir.

“God works in mysterious ways..The boy who made a mistake in his youth has grabbed his second chance. What a great redemption!”, Mohan relates her mother-in-law as saying.

Seven years ago, Amir was banned from international cricket for five years for spot-fixing matches. In Sunday’s final, Amir was the man responsible for sending three men from India’s top order packing.

Mohan’s husband was equally thrilled about Pakistan’s win, she said.

“I wish we had players like theirs”, he said, according to Mohan. “From the by lanes (sic) of Peshawar to an ICC event, they are cricketers in the purest sense”, Mohan recounts him saying “dreamily”.

Mohan even mentions the change of heart her colleague from work had. The same colleague “who had only a day earlier tweeted a crude slur on Pakistan”, she said. The man apparently confessed he had watched everything there was on YouTube about Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed.

“That man (Ahmed), he said sheepishly, is something else,” wrote Mohan.
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