Ayesha Takia speaks up on father-in-law Abu Azmi’s regressive views

Ayesha Takia opens up on politico father-in-law Abu Azmi’s regressive views and the backlash she receives

From suggesting that rape victims or women who have had sex outside of marriage be hung, to questioning Karan Johar’s decision to become father through surrogacy, Samajwadi Party leader, Abu Azmi, often gets embroiled in controversy for his regressive statements. That his daughter-in-law is a free-spirited actress makes it a baffling life of contradictions.

Ayesha Takia, often asked by the media to respond to his views, finds herself at the receiving end of criticism.

“When people are in the public eye, they are questioned for their choice of words. A difference in mindset and generation gap is the issue. There is a difference of opinion [between me and my father-in-law], which is fine. As a celebrity, I take it in my stride that I am expected to harbour an opinion even on something I didn’t say,” says the Socha Na Tha (2005) actress.

Ayesha Takia likes to talk it out with Azmi whenever needed. “We communicate with each other at home and try to resolve matters. I guess this is something that happens in all homes. We have a lot of love and admiration [for each other].”

However, Takia refrains from commenting on some matters. “I don’t think I need to share my opinion all the time. I have moved past that phase, because as a family, we have made peace with the fact that we cannot agree with each other on everything.”


Source: Mid-Day

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