Mumbai University students may not receive their results anytime soon

Varsity realises many teachers aren’t eligible for online evaluation; sends circular to colleges

University of Mumbai’s online assessment proc­ess appears to be in shambles. Over a month after the evaluation process began, the university has suddenly woken up from its slumber and realised that some of the teachers are yet to be registered as evaluators.

Authorities have now issued notices to all colleges to re-register all professors as evaluators so that the evaluation work gains speed.

Several students already fear missing out an entire academic year due to the delay in results. With the new development, students are likely to be hit further.

According to the circular issued, college principals in the city have been asked to send detailed information of their professors in order to register them as evaluators for the online assessment process. Colleges are also expected to check if some professors have not received their log-in IDs or question paper code.

“It is mandatory for all professors from across affiliated colleges of the University to work as evaluators for the MU assessment process,” the circular states.

When contacted, a principal of a reputed suburban college, who did not wish to be named, said, “We had sent all the necessary information. Moreover, all our college professors are already on MU’s list of qualified evaluators. We do not understand why they are suddenly asking for this information again.”

A senior professor and member of the Bombay University College Teachers Union, said, “The assessment is an issue because the plan for online assessment was introduced in haste without realising that teachers would need training sessions. Moreover, the assessment software is still not up to the mark. Issuing such a circular to college principals only means that the varsity wants to dodge the responsibility of declaring results on time.”

Dr Deepak Vasave, the director of examination and evaluation was unavailable for comment.



Source: Mid-Day

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