Gujarat plans to digitize PM Modi’s hometown Vadnagar before Diwali

AHMEDABAD: In a recent decision taken by the state government, PM Modi’s home town, Vadnagar, will be digitized before Diwali. Around 43 villages, falling under the limits of taluka, will be solar power-enabled as part of the project under the Digital Village Scheme.

Confirming this, Mehsana’s collector Alok Pandey, said, “As part of Union government’s plan to digitize all the villages, we have begun to equip the Vadnagar town and all the villages of the taluka (block) with a host of digital services.”
“All the public places such as Vadnagar railway station and Sharmistha Lake, among other places will have free Wi-Fi services soon. Moreover, under various government program such as e-gram and other schemes, we will also digitize various services including healthcare and education. Government plans to develop solar power generation facilities as well,” he added.

Under the scheme, super specialty health services will be provided through tele-medicine facilities. Information about agriculture and farming will be disseminated to the farmers through tele-agri sport facilities.
Besides, the government also plans to provide tuition to school students in Vadnagar via tele-education. A skill development centre will also be set up where activities related to regional employment will be undertaken. Link-ups with industrial units will also be facilitated at the centre. In fact, a new medical college will soon be inaugurated in Vadnagar.

Later, the national optical fibre network will also be utilized under this project. Once the linkage is available, solar panels will also be installed for solar power generation. This infrastructure will further be complemented by 56-inch LED TVs which will be put up for the public.
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