Mumbai: 2-year-old boy injured in landslide at Ghatkopar

A sudden landslide at Jagdusha Nagar slum in Ghatkopar West caused serious injuries to a two-year-old boy. He was injured after a debris lying on a hill slope fell on his home.

According to The Times of India, he was admitted to Rajawadi Hospital and is now currently out of danger.

Following an order from the Bombay HC, several slums on the hill slope adjoining the Tansa pipeline, which brings water from lakes near Mumbai to the city, were demolished by the BMC.

Four houses were hit by the falling debris, one of which belonged to the injured boy.

Local corporator Suresh Patil said that despite repeated requests the BMC failed to remove the debris on the hill slope, which caused injuries to the boy.



Source: Mid-Day

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